Summer 2019

Heading into my 3rd summer off since starting at Humber, I wanted to make a couple changes in my routines and habits. Small things make a big difference and I’m pretty happy with another low key summer filled with insight.

1. I got up at 5am everyday: You may think I’m crazy, but there is something very magical about waking up at that time. I am highly creative and productive.

2. I added walking to my physical exercise. Walking 4-5km every day allowed me to work through ideas, slow down, appreciate my neighbourhood, and just get away from my computer. Also, I walked to get my groceries all summer.

3. Podcasts! I have never been an avid listener to podcasts, but I found a couple that have been really impactful. Specifically “The Art of Meaningful Work” is fantastic and talks about pursuing your passions and interests to create meaningful careers.

4. Took on a freelance project on a new platform. Decided to do some design work that forced me to learn a new platform that is currently crucial in the design field. It’s launched and the client is super happy!

5. Family time: Made a point to spend more time with family. My brother and sister-in-law recently had a child, and I’ve been making an effort to put my phone away and enjoy the time.

6. Friends! Day dates, lunch dates, walks on the beach, and fun conversations.

7. Personal Project: Launched a new website for myself and decided to take on a personal design project.

8. House facelift! I celebrated being in my Hamilton home for 4 years. To spice things up, I painted my front door red, gave my garage a fresh new warm grey colour, and splurged on new patio furniture to modernize my curb appeal.

9. Cottage time: Can’t get enough of this with my stellar family.

10. Jeff likes motors and speed, so we spent a lot of Sundays on Lake Ontario zipping around on his two jet skis.

11. Reduced my phone screen time by about 50%. Did you know if you spend 2 hours a day on your phone, that is 13 years of your life by the time you die? Yah. Freaky.

12. Eating healthier: Decided to buy and make more fresh food. And since I have been eating lots of veggies, I am down 10lbs. Also had some food sensitivity testing done and it appears my body doesn’t like gluten or dairy, eeeew!

13. Read! Finished about 1 book every week or so. Lots of pro dev stuff, but dang Brene Brown is a brilliant person, speaker, writer, and thought leader. Love her books!